Peaky Blinders and My Outlining Style

I haven’t really been writing very much in the past couple of weeks–not much time to–but I have a new approach in mind for a short story I’ve been tinkering around with. I think it’s because my dad and I started watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix the other day (we haven’t finished season 1 yet, so if you’ve watched it, no spoilers!)

It’s kind of a dark, violent drama about a gang becoming a crime family in post-WWI Birmingham, England, with lots of men with bad haircuts. But it’s really compelling and the lead character, Thomas Shelby, is an anti-hero.

Peaky Blinders literally has zero to do with the short story I’ve been working on, but it is a darker creepy short (more “Haunted Lake” then “When Mary Left,” though that wasn’t rainbows and puppies either) and I’d been thinking that for a short story, it wasn’t getting to the crux fast enough.

But I’ll try out my new idea for the story in the next few days and hopefully, it’ll come together.

Aunt Polly is my favorite character so far

My romance outline is plugging along. It’s more of a very basic first draft in a lot of ways, since it’s pretty detailed. Like, I have full scenes written in this thing–dialogue, I know the setting, I have an idea of the level of emotion of the characters or what emotion or action is going on. I have page breaks and transitions marked. I don’t have descriptions yet and I’m not invoking sensory things and the narrative voice isn’t there either, therefore I don’t really consider it a full first draft.

So. I’m determined to not be worried about how long it’s going to take me to finish this first outline and move on to the other three stories in this series idea.

It’ll take as long as it takes.

2 thoughts on “Peaky Blinders and My Outlining Style

  1. I need more Netflix time. But I’ve never had an outline that detailed. I’ve added extra stuff, but not like that. The story might be halfway done or more when the outline is done! That’s exciting.


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