Gettin’ Organized

At some point in a person’s life, you look around your space and go, “Where did all this shit in this room come from?”

I get this feelng every-so-often and that usually results in papers being thrown out, clothes being sorted into “donate,” “give to my aunt,” or “used as rags until they perish” piles, and sending books I no longer have feelings for to the depths of Amazon so someone else can read and buy them.

I was getting that itchy “this pile of crap needs to be organized” feeling not long ago–and it was particular to this pile I’ve had next to my blue recliner (where I’m sitting as I write this; in fact, I do a lot of writing in this chair) on my botton bookshelf. The bottom part of the pile is my “writing archive”–a binder of college stuff, manuscripts, and notebooks–things I’ve worked on that I’m not willing to part with.

The top of the pile was a purple box in which I kept my Playbills, ticket stubs, and other “See, you leave the house sometimes” paraphernalia.

Well, the box with the Playbills had long ago exploded as I kept putting more things in there and I was looking for a storage option. My friend Jess mentioned that was having a sale on Playbill binders–they are heavy duty binders with plastic archival sleeves meant to keep your Playbills in place, unfaded. The binders I got take about 24 Playbills each.

I had to get two Playbill binders and there are still a few outliers I ran out of space for. But now everything’s all organized! 
Then my cousin mentioned that he owed me a birthday gift, I asked him for two organization bins. 
So now all my “papers” are in the bigger bin. 

2 thoughts on “Gettin’ Organized

  1. I need one of those binders in my life! I have 10 years of playbills just sitting on my bookshelf. I did recently get a small storage container for some random crap that was on my coffee table, but I didn’t know playbill binders existed! How are you organizing them? By year? Alphabetical? ^_^ I may or may not geek out when it comes to organizing.


  2. You can get the binders at! The sale's over, but they might have another one. I organized them by date–doubled a few older ones, then singled the rest–playbill in front, ticket behind the cardboard thing in the pouch that keeps the playbill straight 🙂


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