Whisper by Krystal Jane Ruin: An Interview

It’s practically tradition by now, right? When Krystal Jane Ruin has a book out, soon after, there will be an interview on this blog about the book.

This time, it’s for her New Adult supernatural novel WHISPER.

Check out Whisper on Goodreads and get it on Amazon! And visit Krystal at her website.

Jade has been hearing voices since she was five. No, not voices. One voice. 

After her twin brother is appointed vice president of their father’s company at the old age of twenty-two, the family starts falling apart. Her parents hate each other. Her brother is stressed. His girlfriend is a gold-digger if Jade’s ever seen one. And worse yet, it turns out she isn’t crazy—the voice in her head is real. 

If she ignores it, it’ll drive her off a cliff, like it has done to every single woman on her father’s side for over 1000 years. If she listens, she’s told something terrible will happen.

The choice should be simple.

1. I know you’ve said that a lot of your story ideas are “Franken-ideas.” Can you explain to the people what a Franken-idea is? 

Haha. Yes. Stories often come to me in pieces. A lot of the time, I won’t realize I’m looking at different parts of the same story until the plots start overlapping. Sometimes, I’ll know that all the pieces go together, I just won’t know how. But part of why I call them Franken-ideas is because when they do come together, they form this beautiful monster that kind of moves around and breathes on its own. It’s like I’m Dr. Frankenstein and my stories are my little, sometimes monstrous, creations.

2. Would you say the root concept of Whisper is a Franken idea?

This one actually isn’t. Everything was pretty much there from the get-go. So, it was more like a giant puzzle that became clearer the more I got it together. 

3. How did the character of Jade develop? Was she always meant to be the daughter of a very wealthy family with a very messed up lineage? Were her personal issues always there?

Oh, yeah. Like, she showed up with a voice in her head. Since my characters and plots tend to develop together, I can’t get too far in any story without knowing what everyone’s baggage is. I didn’t know how old she was at first, but I knew early on where she worked and that she had a wealthy father, spoiled siblings, and a penthouse. As far as the lineage, I didn’t know everything from the start, but I knew where the voice was coming from and that at least two other women in the family had died because of it. Jade always had that shadow hanging over her head. 

4. Where did Aric come from because he grew shadier and creepier every time I read him?

Haha! I love him! ^_^ He was definitely shaped by my love for otherworldly things. From the start, I was super fascinated by his connection to this family and why the connection existed. I really wanted to go on a journey with this guy who’s been painted in this golden, selfless light on the surface but honestly just has warning signs tattooed all over his body. 
5. Not to spoil things, but there are elements of Arthurian legend in this book, which was very cool. How familiar were you with Arthurian legend before writing this book? Had you always planned to have that element in the plot?

Yes! I love it! Which made that part of the research easier because I knew where to find what I needed. This entire idea sprouted up because I’d watched one too many adaptions of the legend that summer, and it was kind of bothering me how similar they all were. LOL! I get it. They’re all telling the same story, but there were elements of the legend that I kept wanting to see explored, and it just wasn’t happening! I finally decided that, as a writer, I could just do it myself. I can’t say I know it inside and out, but I’m pretty familiar with it and some of the variations, so I was comfortable ripping it apart.

Krystal Jane Ruin is the author of supernatural and paranormal fiction, living in the Tennessee Valley with a collection of swords and daggers. When she’s not hoarding stuffed pandas, hourglasses, and Hello Kitty replicas, she can be found in a YouTube hole or blogging about books, writing, and random things at KrystalSquared.net.

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