Doctor Mom blog hop!

Prompt: Share a favorite memory you have of your mom. Or just share a picture of your mom that you cherish. Or you can do both!

Last year, my mom and I went to Japan, where my mom was born and raised. We’d been there together twice before, but last year’s trip was the first time I’d been back as an adult and it had been over twenty years. I’d forgotten how long the flight was, how cramped an airplane feels after several hours, how much I hate flying. 

Granted, airplanes these days have amenities that didn’t exist in the 90s. 

At any rate, my mom and I sat next to each other. We napped. We ate. We watched movies. As the plane descended towards Haneda Airport in Tokyo, my not-so-inner flying anxiety emerged because we hit really bad turbulence. The plane would sink down another few feet, then shake because of bad air. And I was starting to freak out, but luckily, I had my mom next to me so I could grab her hand. And Mom said, “It’s okay–it’s…yeah, it’s pretty turbulent, but we’ll be fine. Look, you can see the water outside. Oh, maybe that doesn’t help. You’re so like your dad when he flies.” Then she proceeded to laugh gently as I was grimacing.

Title: Doctor Mom
Author: Elaine Kaye
Genre: Picture Story Book
Ages: 5-8 years

BLURB: It’s Saturday, and Gregory Green can’t wait to have fun with his dad on the riding lawnmower, but something is wrong. Sammy, his teddy bear and best friend, won’t get out of bed. Gregory is worried when he sees Sammy’s left leg is torn. This is a case for Doctor Mom! Can they fix Sammy? And just how did Sammy get hurt in the first place?


“Doctor Mom is an adorable story that shows how Moms can fix anything—even a torn limb on a beloved teddy bear! Children will enjoy the lovable little bear who needs a stitch or two and his boy who plays dress-up as a doctor.” – Wanda Luthman, award-winning author of Little Birdie Grows Up

“A sweet and heartfelt tale kids can easily identify with, and all of that with a wonderful touch of magic.” – Tonja Drecker, reviewer at Bookworm for Kids



Elaine Kaye first created Gregory Green after her son, who loved her homemade pea soup, thus inspiring the story Pea Soup Disaster. Doctor Mom is the second book in A Gregory Green Adventure series and highlights something all moms and children can relate to; a beloved stuffed animal in need of a repair.

Kaye has worked as a library assistant and teacher’s assistant in elementary schools in the Sunshine State. She currently lives in Florida, but she has called Michigan; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Okinawa, Japan home.

She is a grandmother of three boys.

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14 thoughts on “Doctor Mom blog hop!

  1. Teddy! ^_^Your mom is great. 🙂 Turbulence is always terrifying to me. I don’t care how unlikely it is that the plane will fall out of the sky. It feels so fragile when it’s bouncing like that.


  2. Your Mom has a great sense of humor. I’m sure you and your mom had a fabulous trip to Japan. How great that you could go there with her and experience everything as an adult.


  3. Oh man, I HATE flying!!!!! Mr Wonderful can sleep through anything, so when the turbulence hit I am on my own. I love your mom's comments and I think I would have laughed…at least it may have distracted me for a moment or two. Thanks for sharing your story and Elaine's book.sherry @ fundinmental


  4. Ah a treasured memory. I went England about 30 years ago in the 80's I remember the flight was long but I thought being in 747 more like a train ride so guess we did not have any turbulence. Now DC10 are another story but I enjoy flying so like being able to feel it. I the island hop plane we took from Honolulu to the Big Island the most fun but people who fear would probably not like it. Congrats Elaine!


  5. Great story about your mom, and great to be able to visit her home with her. Come to think of it, I've never flown with my mother. She doesn't like to fly, so I doubly appreciate that she is willing to do it to come visit us from time to time!


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