IWSG June: Titles & Names

Welcome to my June IWSG post! The Insecure Writer’s Support Group is an online community of writers. We post our writerly insecurities into the world every first Wednesday of the month. Check us out here!

What’s harder for you to come up with, titles or character names?

Excuse me while I give a resounding and hearty laugh.


I’m terrible at giving titles to my stories. Pearl is Pearl because that’s all I could think of. Last year, when I started planning the quartet of contemporary romance stories I’m still outlining, I decided that “Seeing You” (after a song) would make a good title for the first of the stories. “Hearing You” could work for the second, since there’s a musician hero in that one. But then, the titles quickly deteriorated.

But I love character names. The character starts taking shape when I’ve named them. Sometimes they pop into my head already named–Alexandra and Madeline Keegan from Pearl came that way as did Kimiko and Chris from my short story “Haunted Lake.” Sometimes I play around with character names for a bit until I get one I like. I like looking up names on websites like Behind the Name and Nameberry, not necessarily to learn the name’s meaning, but maybe to learn its origins or derivations or when the name was popular.

But yes, character names are so much easier than titles.

14 thoughts on “IWSG June: Titles & Names

  1. I had a fit trying to name a couple of characters in my last story. Usually names are easy, but sometimes I have to go on a hunt for them. I just about always have a fit over the titles, though, my current work in progress being the exception. I legit have a document that's just a symbol right now, because I couldn't even think of a working title. That story is obviously not even close to being ready. I can see how those titles could deteriorate. LOL!


  2. I'm in the titles camp. I could run with the 'Seeing You' 'Hearing You' series idea. But I have a list of 12 titles for a cozy series that may or may not ever be written. I think the titles come to me because they're based upon the theme, which I generally have in mind, even if I don't know the MCs name. Secondary characters come much easier.


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