When Your Worlds Converge: Moulin Rouge!

You know how sometimes you’re interested in or are a fan of various seemingly unrelated things? And then somehow, those things converge and it’s awesome but kinda weird, too?

1) The movie Moulin Rouge! This bizarre, colorful, dramatic musical with famous pop songs, telling the story of a poor English poet named Christian and his love story with the star of Montmarte’s Moulin Rouge club, Satine, came out in 2001. I don’t remember when I first saw it, but it was probably in college. I loved it. I was all about the garret-living consumptive Parisian writing lifestyle when I was 18.

2) I like theater. I went to a college with a large theater program. I came out of college and back home to New York City… where Broadway is. Meaning that I’ve been lucky enough to be in close proximity to some truly amazing shows with amazing performers.

3) An amazing Broadway performer I’ve not been lucky enough to see in a Broadway show, ironically enough, is Aaron Tveit. The first time I saw him was in the 2013 film version of Les Miserables.

He then got added to my roster of Men I Google-Stalked. My friend Jess and I saw him perform live as part of the one Elsie Fest we’ve been to. (Jess has seen Aaron on Broadway, several years ago). We also saw him perform in a solo concert on Long Island. To which I reacted, “When is he coming back to Broadway?!”
4) Back to the Moulin Rouge thing: In February, during the Winter Olympic Games, my mom and I were watching figure skating when I heard the distinct notes of what I recognized as the Moulin Rouge version of “Roxanne.” It was Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada.
“Roxanne” went into “Come What May” and Virtue and Moir skated the hell out of the routine and I was hooked. I was sooo happy when they won the team gold medal for figure skating and then a gold medal of their own for ice dancing. 
I then re-watched Moulin Rouge for the first time in forever. 
And then I’ve spent a lot of time shipping Virtue and Moir, but that’s another story. 
5) Then I heard that Moulin Rouge was being made into a stage musical and it was being workshopped with Aaron Tveit as Christian. Whatreallywowcool. And just as I’d rewatched the movie for the first time in years and was watching Virtue and Moir’s Moulin Rouge routine on YouTube and the soundtrack was fresh again! Funny how that works.
6) Oh, that theater workshop production of Moulin Rouge is going to be staged? Cool. In Boston. Nice. At the Emerson Colonial Theatre? Wait, the theater that was in the middle of that city block that my college existed on? And Aaron Tveit is still attached to the project? Wow, small world. And it’s coming to Broadway next season? Yay! 
7) My friend Jess: “I really want to go up to Boston to see Aaron Tveit in Moulin Rouge.”
8) So my two besties and I are doing just that this weekend.

4 thoughts on “When Your Worlds Converge: Moulin Rouge!

  1. I've never seen Moulin Rouge. I refused on the grounds that every girl I knew loved the movie, therefore I must hate it because I had to hate everything popular back then. I did see the Les Mis movie, but I have a stage performance on DVD that puts that to shame. I liked the movie fine, I just like the stage performance so much better. But I had no idea who that Aaron guy was when you brought him up, and I still don't. Was he Marius? I know, I'm terrible. But I don't like Marius. In my opinion he killed Eponine with his stupid obsessive creepy selfishness. I've thought about writing a whole post about how much I hate Marius and Cosette and how the real story is all about how Jean Val Jean and Eponine and Fantine are victims of elitist narcissism and revolutionary oppression. I don't feel sorry for Cosette. She gets everything she wants, and Eponine and her mother both die in literal and metaphorical mud like dogs.But I digress. Your weekend sounds awesome. I can relate – not in that exact way – but I imagine if I had a chance to see a non-watered down for babies Little Mermaid and Jason Momoa was playing King Triton, I would be excited off my butt.


  2. Oh, take a look at Moulin Rouge now–it's a really wacky film but it's fun. I'm not sure the love story stands up to being in your thirties (lol) but with Virtue and Moir skating to it, it brought the movie back to mind.Aaron Tveit was Enjolras aka Head Student Revolutionary–also the only Broadway actor besides Jackman in the movie version.


  3. Ooh, have fun! I have also Google-stalked Aaron Tveit after first seeing him in Les Mis, and based on dates, ages, and geographic locations, I have come to the conclusion that it's entirely possible that we were at the same high school music festival in 2000. Alas, my parents were not the type to save every single snippet of my high school days. 😉 Whatever, I'm going to go with it!


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