An Update On My Writing Projects

Oh. Em. Gee.

An update on, like, actual writing projects? Whut? Now, admittedly, 2018 has not been my most prolific writing year. Working two jobs for most of the year and being in the midst of a career change is not conducive to a ton of time or inspiration.

Short Stories:

So far this year, I have completed a short story–a horror spec fic thing that I have yet to decide what to do with. It’s based on an old Japanese myth about grandparents being taken into the mountains and woods during times of hardship and left to die from exposure to lighten the load of the family.

I’m in the middle of a true rip to shreds on a different short story that I’m going to enter into a contest.

My Broadway romance novel outline is still going. I’m almost done with it, but I can’t get over the hump and I’m wondering if it means that I should just jump into a full draft already.

After the Broadway romance #1, there are three other planned stories in this potential series that I also want to outline.

Plot Bunnies:

I have two. They have both reached note taking levels in separate notebooks. One is a historical steampunk idea which would take a lot of research because it wants to be set in Japan in the 1890s.

The other is a dual timeline time slip idea, set between contemporary times and the early twentieth century.

4 thoughts on “An Update On My Writing Projects

  1. Ooh, update! Who dis? Lol! Omg, you have a steampunk idea?!! So many things to work on! Any ideas pulling ahead?I have an actual whole chapter done on the wip. 😀 Might have two done by the weekend. Also, new job?? Do tell! ^_^


  2. Well, the steampunk idea has been floating around for a bit, but I'm nowhere near able to write that–so much research to do on it that I just can't contemplate right now. I want to finish the short story and then get off my plate and off my brain before I decide which project to dig in to. Probably the Broadway romances.


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