A Contest Submission

It’s been a long time since I’ve entered anything I’ve written into a writing contest, but I submitted a short story “Lady Beatrice’s Ball” to the Insecure Writer’s Support Group Anthology Contest today.

For the past few years, the IWSG has run an anthology contest, where stories are submitted and short-listed and the winners are published in an anthology.

Check out the contest here. This year’s genre was Young Adult romance and the theme was masquerade.

I haven’t written very much Young Adult–and I read it very, very rarely–but I had a character from a story that crashed and burned a few years ago who worked for that age range. So, yay!

I always find it hard to write romance in shorter pieces. Wait, who am I kidding? Romance, as much as I read it and enjoy it, is hard for me to write in any length, but especially shorter. I tend to find romance short stories and novellas kind of unsatisfying because the romance plot has to be truncated.

Anyway….we’ll see how this goes!

“Lady Beatrice’s Ball” is literally the second piece of creative writing I’ve managed to finish this year, so that in itself is wonderful. It would not have been possible without my betas T. Drecker and Krystal Jane Ruin. Thank you ladies!

4 thoughts on “A Contest Submission

  1. Yay!! Rooting for you! I was so tempted to try and write something and enter. I adore masquerades and masks. I haven't written a short story in forever, so I couldn't get my head around it completely. I'm so excited you're going for it!


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