2018 Reading Challenge: The Stats

I read 38 books this year and as per blog tradition–and frankly, the entire reason I keep track of my reading habits at all–is so I can do stats at the end of the year!

So first, from Goodreads:

I read 3 more books compared to 2017 and 1339 more pages this year than last.

Of 38 total books:

25 were fiction (65.79%)

Of the 25 fiction:

8 were contemporary romance
2 were historical romance
2 were historical steampunk romance
2 were historical/contemporary time slip novels
1 was alternative historical fiction
4 were fantasy; two of these were supernatural
3 were children’s novels
1 was an epistolary novel
1 was literary historical fiction
1 was contemporary fiction
1 was contemporary women’s fiction

Of the not fiction (34.21%):

1 was a cookbook
2 were travel memoirs
1 was about the creation of Hamilton the musical
1 was a short poetry book
4 were history
1 was a psychology book about introverts
1 was a human sexuality book about asexuality
1 autobiography
1 was a collection of short vignettes and short stories of awesome women

Of the total 38:

28 were written solely by women (73.38%)

2 were co-written by women with men

7 were written solely by men

1 was written by a man all about women

Out of 38 books:

19 were written by authors of color (50%)

20 books starred a non-white protagonist or main subject or were set in places other than Europe or North America

4 thoughts on “2018 Reading Challenge: The Stats

  1. I love stats day! 😀 I had 86% fiction and 14% non-fiction. 26% male authors, 55% female, and 19% mix of both, mostly anthologies. I actually read 2 suspense/thriller books, so that’s exciting. ^_^


  2. LOL! I like doing the reading stats. I was actually kind of surprised that my non fiction reading was that high of a percentage and I think I finally at least half authors who aren't white, so that was cool!


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