Two Weeks into 2019

It's exactly two weeks into 2019 and this is what I've been up to:-a sinus infection, yay!-I haven't finished reading a book yet, but I'm 40% into Midnight Riot and 112 pages into Becoming.-My FrankenIdea continues to FrankenIdea away!-I've been watching Marie Kondo's program on Netflix ("spark joy!") as well as Midsomer Murders-The Midsomer Murders … Continue reading Two Weeks into 2019

Stately, Country English Houses

My plot bunny--which has been hopping around since about October, I think--is sort of shaping up to be a historical fiction/alternate history/contemporary dual storyline/time slip/romantic elements kind of mishmash thing.As my friend Krystal Jane Ruin says, it's turning into a FrankenIdea.I don't have a ton worked out about said Plot Bunneh--I don't even have characters' … Continue reading Stately, Country English Houses