Two Weeks into 2019

It’s exactly two weeks into 2019 and this is what I’ve been up to:

-a sinus infection, yay!
-I haven’t finished reading a book yet, but I’m 40% into Midnight Riot and 112 pages into Becoming.
-My FrankenIdea continues to FrankenIdea away!
-I’ve been watching Marie Kondo’s program on Netflix (“spark joy!”) as well as Midsomer Murders
-The Midsomer Murders episodes are because of this guy, the new Man I’m Google Stalking:

If you saw Bohemian Rhapsody, you may recognize Gwilym Lee as Brian May:

-I’m starting a graduate program in two weeks, studying library science because after working in a library archive as a volunteer for a year-ish and now as a part timer, I’ve decided that I want to be a librarian.

I was incredibly hesitant about applying for the library science program, since I already have a master’s degree which I did precious little with. But after months of consideration and asking questions and reading, I decided to take the plunge and apply–and I was accepted.

It’ll mean a big change–I haven’t been in school in ten years–but I’m doing this because I think I’m well suited to librarianship, being a bookworm who happens to have some customer service skills. Libraries are vital institutions in our communities and societies and there are so many different kinds of libraries, too.

It also happens that librarians are quirky folk. They have their particular interests and hobbies and the ones I know travel a lot.

I also want a relatively stable career path with a decent salary–and that, so far in my adult life, has eluded me. I’ve been thwarted by anxiety and low self-esteem, a crap job market, giving up, depression, the changing and frustrating processes of applying for jobs, extreme shyness, and my own true hopes for a creative and thriving writing career.

Well, it became apparent around two years ago that I wasn’t cut out to be a professional full-time indie author–and let’s be real, few authors are full-time writers only. Every author I know or follow has or has had a day job, a completely different profession, which pays the bills. Once upon a time, I thought becoming an editor or working in a publisher’s marketing department would fulfill the day job portion and be super interesting while I wrote myself to fame, but publishing is incredibly small and tough to even get a foot in the door.

Libraries, too, aren’t easy to get into necessarily, but I’m already wedged into my spot in the Archives.   An MLS–Master of Library Science degree–is a basic requirement of being hired as a librarian. Once I have some kind of full-time job, I hope to adjust my writing life accordingly–with the knowledge that I don’t have to ask my writing to be my creative outlet as well as holding many of my hopes for the future.

This doesn’t mean I won’t be blogging or creative writing, by the way! I definitely will be, just with different things to blog about!

3 thoughts on “Two Weeks into 2019

  1. Yay, Frankenidea! ^_^I can totally see you as a librarian. My CP years ago started on her MLS and got too busy or something, so I attached myself to blogging as an outlet after she forgot about me. That actually sounds a lot sadder than I thought it would. Lol! I'm excited to get updates about this!


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