Happy 10th Birthday, blog!

I cannot believe it’s been ten years since I essentially pulled an all-nighter, made an account on Blogger, and wrote my first blog post. At the time, I just wanted a central Internet place to post a story I was working on so my friends could read it at the same time. That was it.

Happy 10th Birthday to the blog!!




In 2009

-Blogging was pretty popular
-Twitter was brand new
-Oh hey, YouTube! Vlogging? Like a video diary? Huh. Interesting.
-Kindles and other ebooks were also still fairly new
-Publishing was supposed to sink into a hole and die as an industry (I was about two months out of publishing grad school when I started this blog and literally, that’s all we kept hearing in grad school)

In 2019….

-Blogging is not as popular. It’s been replaced by podcasts, Tweeting, Snapchat, more YouTube videos, and yelling at a robot in your house who is collecting all of your information and your conversations so it can kill you in the night
-Twitter and Facebook and the Internet=still shiny and new in places but troublesome and sinister in places as well
-I read plenty on my Kindle (as opposed to my phone, because I hate reading on my phone) but I’m finding that I really prefer to read in hard copy. I remember things better when I read in hard copy.
-Publishing ain’t dead. It’s changed a lot–hello, Kindle Publishing! And Smashwords. And Draft2Digital and other forms of indie and self-publishing–have changed the way books and readers find each other. The publishing industry has either kept abreast or consolidated themselves into a corporate shell. But it’s not dead.

In ten years, this blog has seen:
-Two URLs
-At least three name changes
-More than three layout changes
-No attempts at a regular blogging schedule or a niche topic
-At least one aborted attempt to move to WordPress
-One movement of the mailing list
-Several Men I’ve Google Stalked (Okay, what’s more than “several?”)
-Much geekouts over history
-Guest posts!
-Deepening geekouts over theater
-Four pieces published(!)
-Four million story ideas fizzle out
-Five million plot bunnies crop up
-This is my 862nd blog post

That’s…what? Average 86 a year?


Seriously. It’s amazing there are still topics worth writing posts about sometimes.

Also, as of February 8th, there have been a thousand comments on this blog.

Note: I’m old now and my ability to stay up to 4 am has diminished, so although this is posting at 3:59 am, no, it’s not like I sat here and typed this out right now, okay? In fact, I’m actually writing this more than a week ahead of time. Yay, blog queues!

Thank you for sticking with me for at least some (if not all) of these last ten years here on The Sunflower’s Scribbles.

Much love,


10 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday, blog!

  1. Congratulations!! It has been really fun reading about your history and theater geekouts and reading about the plot bunnies… and men!!! 😀 Happy 10th!!!


  2. Yea! Happy 10th birthday blog! Congratulations on a 10 year commitment. Thank you for your dedication and the entertainment. Cheers to many more years (or as long as you want it to last)!


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