So far in library school…

Well, I finished one midterm (two essays, two pages each, one day to write both!) and I’ve survived another midterm and I have a group project in the other class going. And I have two longer-term assignments for two of my classes and reading to do and oh, another group project to do and…

I never want to hear that local city colleges are not rigorous ever again. Y’all, I’m taking fewer classes in library school than in my last grad degree but the workload is at least twice as much.

I will say that there are some advantages in having gone back to school older. For one thing, I never want to work in retail ever again, so I am highly motivated in earning this degree and keeping an eye on career paths. I am much better at time management than when I was younger, which helps. I am a bit stressed, but it’s not a long snaking line of people on Black Friday, so whatevs. I’ll get the work done, one way or another.

I am very good at taking notes–I was horrible at it in college, but somehow, taking notes on things for historical fiction and taking notes for my stories has made me into a very good note-taker. I am confident in my ability to write quickly and to write well.

While some of the theoretical stuff I’m learning in these first few required classes are kind of going over my head a bit–it doesn’t help when the professor is a bit confusing–that’s not necessarily a new problem with me when it comes to education. I don’t like theoretical ideas and concepts. Just tell me how to do the thing. My memory is probably not as great as it was at 22, but I am more willing to talk in class and to talk to people in general, which is good.

So far, I’ve learned:
-the history of libraries
-I’m researching for an annotated bibliography, which will become a research paper: on the relationship between publishing and libraries
-The Five Laws of Library Science
-What the heck controlled vocabulary is, how it is used in databases, how to use different databases
-Basic coding like html, css. I’m wicked confused when it comes to Javascript and I don’t understand XHTML at all, but I’m trying my best.

Also, what say you about the new layout?

4 thoughts on “So far in library school…

  1. New layout!! I noticed right away! It's chic. ^_^I was wondering what going back to school was like. Sounds like you're staying on top of things, but when you were listing off everything you have on your plate, I was just like, wow. Theoretical stuff is a good way for me to get lost in my brain. I did notice when I was in school that the older students were like really smart and more talkative than the rest of us. 😀


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