Today, April 30th, Japan's Emperor Akihito abdicates. He became the Emperor in 1989.Japan's Emperor is a purely symbolic role. Technically, it's a constitutional monarchy, but I'm not sure of what official governmental roles the imperial family actually fulfill except to be symbols of Japan.Japan tells time by eras, like many historical periods. There's the Edo-jidai … Continue reading Reiwa!

On Social Media

This post is inspired by Krystal Jane Ruin's blog post: Should Anti-Social People Use Facebook?I ended up writing a book in her comments and concluded that I should write my own post.My first social medium was Facebook, which was brand-new and everyone at my college was joining it back in 2004. I've been on it … Continue reading On Social Media

Crown Jewels

Ever since I learned a bit more about the Koh-i-Noor Diamond, Duleep Singh, and his daughter Sophia, I've been like low-key (and by low-key, I mean I think about it from time to time but not a lot) interested in the idea of a British Crown Jewel tied into other royal families and what the … Continue reading Crown Jewels