TV Shows and Other Things

So I’m on spring break this week, though I’m working on two projects plus work, so…is it a proper break?

At any rate, I caught up on Fosse/Verdon, a miniseries on FX about famous Broadway choreographer and director Bob Fosse and the rather contentious relationship he had with his wife, muse, and the best Broadway dancer of all time, Gwen Verdon. It stars Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams and there’s lots of dancing and musical theater.

I know nothing about dance, but look at Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon dance:

I also want to watch the three-part miniseries Mrs. Wilson, starring Ruth Wilson, which aired on PBS. I have the first episode on the DVR but I’ll have to find the final two. Mrs. Wilson is based on a memoir Ruth Wilson’s grandmother wrote and left behind. When Ruth’s grandfather Alec died in the 60s, her grandmother learned that that she was not the only wife he had–Alec Wilson was a spy, worked for MI-5 and MI-6, wrote a spy novels, and had four wives in total and children with all of them. Ruth’s grandmother learned about the first wife (and maybe the second?) just after his death but kept the secret from her children, writing it down instead. There are still things the family doesn’t know about him because the intelligence services haven’t declassified everything yet.

Now granted, on the less dramatic side of things, I’ve been watching Kim’s Convenience, a sitcom about a Korean Canadian family in Toronto–which has given me ideas about a bodega owner in Queens–because the diversity in Kim’s Conveniece is effortless and seems natural when you grow up in Queens.

And I watched an episode of series two of Derry Girls, which takes place in Derry, Northern Ireland, in the mid-1990s during the Troubles. Yet it is twisted and hilarious.

All of these shows deal with family in some way.

Family secrets are a potent plot point in stories. They can be the Big Dark Secret or the source of a character’s behavior or thread through the story. Pretty much every romance hero or heroine has some kind of family-induced issue that they need to make peace with or overcome in order to be their best selves.

I have two characters in my FrankenIdea who both have family secrets or stories in their background. how and why the stories became secrets is part of the story for one of the characters; for the other  character, it’s reconciling the family story with her reality that becomes part of her arc.

4 thoughts on “TV Shows and Other Things

  1. Video was fun! ^_^I love family secrets! I don't currently or often have any going on, though one of my favorite books of all time has family secrets on top of family secrets. But wow, I'd totally watch a movie or something about Alex Wilson.


  2. Oooo…family secrets! Those can be so juicy and twisted. And wow, what an elephant of a discovery that grandmother made. Family secrets and spy secrets and mystery secrets…it's a lot.


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