Last Week in Library School…

*pops head up*

Oh, hi.

So, I had a many and varied week this past week, an interesting mix of fun and school.

First, school: I have something like three more weeks until this semester is over. Of course, I have finals coming up, but I also have a research paper to write, a sort of study/presentation thing to do, and other shenanigans.

I had two presentations last week–one was a group presentation, which was stressful. I admit that I don’t like presentations period. I hate talking in front of groups of people. I’m also not loud and am very small, which doesn’t help when being forced to present things. The second presentation last week was me solo with a PowerPoint and some notes for a different class and frankly, that one was far less stressful.

And yet, though I was nervous before both presentations, it was not the depth of existential anxiety I’ve faced in the past simply talking in front of others, never mind standing in front of a room and talking to them. I think once you’ve been the cashier having to tell people on a twenty-person deep line to either calm down, stop pushing, or that you’re sorry for the wait, standing in front of people becomes easier.

But with the presentations out of the way, I went out on Thursday to see Avengers: Endgame with my friends (it was long, but quite good, though as usual with the Avengers films, the plots are always a bit too loopy to truly grasp sometimes).

And on Saturday, I recorded an episode of Fuckbois of Literature! So cool! It’s my first time being on a podcast but I had tons of fun with Emily, so I hope I sounded halfway comprehensible during the episode. I will, of course, let you know when the episode is released.

Also, if you have ten minutes to spare, would you mind taking the survey linked below? It’s for a website usability study my (other) group has to do for my third class. You’ll be looking at a public library website and answering some questions about it. Pretty please?

4 thoughts on “Last Week in Library School…

  1. Presentations are so fun, aren't they? ^_^I'm going to see Endgame today finally. I've seen every single movie in this 22 movie lineup, so I'm ready for this current stretch of movies to be over! I love taking surveys! Heading over now. Definitely lemme know when the podcast is up! 😀


  2. Presentations will never get easier.Ooh, enjoy Endgame! I haven't seen all of the MCU but I didn't feel lost or anything.Thank you for taking the survey! We need at least 15 respondents.


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