Making up royalty

As a rule, I like dead royals more than living ones. Dead royals are history. Dead royals lived in historical times of yesteryear when I feel like one family or one person ruling an entire nation or empire was more acceptable.

I need to make up one such family for my FrankenIdea.

Also as a rule, I don’t actually like it when historical novels have fake royals ruling fake nation-states in them. I guess I feel like it’s gimmicky. But I understand the rationale behind this; yeah, there were tons of royals ruling places in the world, but maybe the author didn’t want to disturb them lol

For example, I have read books where there was a made-up Russian grand duke (I mean, there were a lot of them), several fake German princes (also, a lot of them), a couple of fictional Indian sultans and Indian princes (also, there were many)…

I need to make up an Indian royal family who gets ousted by the British in the nineteenth century and settles in England. They’re sort of based on the Duleep Singh story: a princely Indian family, who was  undermined or outright deposed by the British, then exiled to England where they became part of the English aristocracy/gentry, but I don’t want to use the Duleep Singhs because I need to change a few things for the story’s sake.

Then again, it’s alternate history.

I’m already extending the lives of some dead royals in this story.


4 thoughts on “Making up royalty

  1. Ooh, fake royals! You know, one of my favorite fake royal stories is The Beautician and the Beast. ^_^ Fiction is fun for this very reason. It sounds like the FrankenIdea has a lot of fun story points. I have an alternate history idea in the plot bunny field. I may have gotten carried away with the brainstorming, but that's part of the fun, too. 😀


  2. Fake royals can be as wonderful as true (dead) ones. And fiction is there to let them come to life in all of their glory. Your Frankenidea is definitely sounding interesting!


  3. These are more background fake royals, at least for this story, where there will be other royals (whose lives get extended beyond real life). But still–important to get right, I think.


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