Peaky Blinders season 5 + World Series

I finished watching the last episode of season five of Peaky Blinders the other day. I’ve watched all the seasons, but I don’t remember much of season four–probably should’ve rewatched it beforehand–but I didn’t. So I started the season kind of confused.

Peaky Blinders is about a 1920s English crime family. Tommy Shelby is the second brother in the Shelby family and their leader. His brothers Arthur and Finn work for him, his cousin Michael works for the family, as well as Aunt Polly. There is also a sister, Ada, who works for the legitimate branch of the family business.

Every season, the action and intrigue has been ratcheted up. There are always new characters, which gets a bit confusing, and new enemies of the Shelbys. In sesaon five, those foils were a Scottish gang who bizarrely had their own theme song (as in, they sing before they kill people; it’s odd) and Oswald Mosley, who was a real historical character, the founder of the British Union of Fascists, and depicted in Peaky Blinders as an all-around icky person.

I don’t actually know a lot about Mosley other than what I’ve read on Wikipedia, but…yeah. He’s despicable. In real life, he married a Mitford sister and I think they were married at Goebbels’ house in Nazi Germany? And I think he was imprisoned during World War Two.

Let’s see, what else? I’ve been busy with school, so not a lot of time to read or write the FrankenIdea. The baseball post-season is going on; the World Series has begun. I’m a Yankees fan, but they didn’t advance to the World Series for a myriad of reasons.

Because the Houston Astros beat the Yankees, I obviously can’t root for them, so I’m pulling for the Washington Nationals. It’s the team’s first time in the World Series!

4 thoughts on “Peaky Blinders season 5 + World Series

  1. I had no idea it was world series time. My family, not including me, is really into football. I occasionally watch a hockey feed and clips on Twitter. I remember you talking about Peaky Blinders. So, it's based on a real life 20s crime family? I almost wanted to watch it because Cillian Murphy is in it, and he's so weird, so of course I think he's awesome and needs more screen time.


  2. I think Peaky is tangentially based on a real crime family, but not really. They're pretty much fictional. It's a weird, violent show, but interesting. Cillian Murphy is really really good in it.


  3. The internet keeps eating my comments! I apologize if you suddenly get a million of them. I'll summarize – boo to the Yankees losing, though I'm a half-assed fan at best, and Peaky Blinders has been on my to-watch list for forrrrrevvvvverrrrrr, but I haven't gotten to it yet because I like my quiet time in the evenings and that list is pretty long. I know my husband likes it, though (although he'll watch just about anything that's streaming).


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