Ghostly Activity!

Happy Halloween, everyone!
To mark the day, I asked around and gathered up some ghostly tales from various people.
 First, my cousin Liz:

Resurrection Mary is a story that originates in Chicago. The story goes that Mary, real name unknown to this day, went to a dance in a local ballroom in like the 1960s or 70s with her partner. Mary and the date got into a fight at this dance and Mary, upset, fled. It was dark and Mary fled onto Archer Avenue and was struck by an oncoming car.

Since then, people have reported seeing Mary walking on Archer Avenue, looking for a ride home. Some people testify that they’ve almost hit her while driving. Others say they’ve picked up a female hitch hiker in the area, but once they pass Resurrection Cemetery, the woman disappears. People think Mary might be buried in Resurrection Cemetery.

Plus, there’s another connected story. People report seeing a ghost hearse drive by St. James of Sag, the cemetery down the road from Resurrection. Some folks believe that hearse carries Mary. 

The Andrew Jackson Hotel

My friend Jess:

I was on a ghost tour in New Orleans and our tour guide told us a creepy story about one of the haunted hotels there, The Andrew Jackson Hotel. In 1794, the grounds of the hotel used to house an all-boys boarding school which burned down in a city-swept fire. 

Ghosts of several boys who had perished in the fire still haunt the hotel with pranks such as hiding and taking items, turning on the TV, and running around and giggling. 

After a couple on their honeymoon heard these stories while on a ghost tour, they decided to change hotels and stay at The Andrew Jackson Hotel for a chance to experience the paranormal activity for themselves. After several days of trying to catch the ghosts in the act they left disappointed without any hauntings… so they thought. When they looked over their photos from the honeymoon, they found a photo of themselves in the hotel room sleeping and clearly they didn’t take the picture themselves….
I found this site that had some info about the ghosts in the hotel and I was able to fill in some details:

The Little Building, July 1920
Photograph by Leon H. Abadian, Boston Public Library Archives


When you go to college in Boston, you accept that the city is old and it is haunted. The Omni Parker Hotel is supposedly a very haunted hotel, for instance, and sometimes, at night, walking cobblestone sidewalks on Beacon Hill with the light from these old-fashioned streetlights, I really felt that sense of Boston’s age and history and ghosts.

One of the dorms at my college had a ghost. The building, the Little Building, on Boylston Street, used to be a hotel, then an apartment building. During the Depression, a little girl was playing with a ball near the back elevator shaft. The ball fell down the shaft. The little girl followed, but the shaft was empty or the elevator was out of the order. At any rate, the little girl plummeted to her death.

Well, I had a friend whose dorm room was next to the old elevator shaft. He woke up more than once that year with strange scratches on his back and arms and swore he and his roommate heard a little girl’s high-pitched giggling nearby.

4 thoughts on “Ghostly Activity!

  1. Fun! ^_^ I really like the thought of picking up a hitchhiker and having them vanish when we pass the cemetery. Not that I would pick up anyone, but it would make such a great movie.Okay, seriously? The Andrew Jackson Hotel is totally creepy! I would be scared to death, because someone was obviously in my room one night. The two times I've been to Boston, we stayed in Andover, so I didn't get to experience the city at night outside of a ballet performance and a restaurant. It certainly didn't feel haunted then, but maybe if we'd been there during the witching hour. Lol! It's so strange though, because originally, on the first trip, we were going to stay in an old hotel on the edge of the city, and when we got there, it didn't look like anyone else was staying there. We ended up leaving, because the floor was damp, it smelled like sewer water in the entire building, and the pipes made knocking sounds. Plus the room was tiny and only had one bed and we had asked for two. Also, like, why didn't we see anyone else there but the person working the front desk? It was dark, but it wasn't all that late, you know. I wasn't even sure it was open at first. Maybe it wasn't!


  2. I'd heard of Resurrection Mary before because of a very memorable episode of Unsolved Mysteries in the 90s, but the Andrew Jackson hotel story creeps me out! It's totally real, don't you think? We were going to do a Boston ghost tour, but it got canceled, so we didn't get to find out anything specific. But Boston has a lot of graveyards and cobblestones and old buildings that make weird noises.


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