Thanksgiving (or any other holiday) food!

Us Americans are gearing up for Thanksgiving this week, which means the start of the holiday season and massive amounts of food.

Like, ma-hooo-sive amounts of food.

Thanksgiving isn’t a big deal in my family. For most of the last decade, it has been the day before I steeled myself to face the masses on Black Friday, working retail. We don’t see extended family on Thanksgiving (last year, we saw them on Black Friday for “Japanese Thanksgiving”), due to said pre-Black Friday-ness and we don’t usually eat turkey.

And yet somehow, I love reading recipes and food ideas for Thanksgiving–the more creative, the better. Plus, I really find the regional and different cultural dishes of Thanksgiving and holidays fascinating.

For instance, on some Reddit thread I was reading last week while insomnia-ing, someone from Louisiana said that gumbo was a regular thing on their Thanksgiving table. Someone I know with Polish heritage says that pierogis are Thanksgiving food for her family. Another friend says that sweet potato/yam casserole with marshmallows is a staple in her family. Others say yes to mac and cheese as a side dish, while others say rice and beans is a necessity. I read a recipe the other day for pumpkin biryani, which sounded interesting and yummy.

It’s the same thing with Christmas or other holiday dinners, I suppose. Every family does their own thing, whether it’s a roast pig, copious amounts of mashed potatoes, whiskey, sukiyaki, lasagna, feast of the seven fishes…

I celebrate Christmas with the Irish-American side of the family, so generally, there are at least two kinds of potatoes and the meat and other sides tend to be incidental πŸ™‚

Unless my aunt makes popovers or Yorkshire pudding. Those are extremely important. We’ve been known to keep the popovers hostage on one end of the dinner table, only to be traded for more mashed potatoes.

Then I spend a week digesting Christmas dinner only to gorge myself on Japanese food for New Year’s Day.

So, what do y’all eat on holidays?

Happy Thanksgiving!

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving (or any other holiday) food!

  1. Sweet potato casserole and mashed potatoes are always my favorites! I like to mix them together. ^_^ I also like any kind of roll or bread that's served on the side. I'm not really into Thanksgiving, but I look forward to seeing the family members I only see once a year. We don't usually have any kind of big meal on Christmas. There's food, of course, but nothing we do every year, so it varies. I'd be happy with a Christmas lasagna tradition! Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. We have stuffed turkey and, in recent years, a smoked ham too. Then, there's the mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with brown sugar (grandpa's must-have), corn, green beans, (sometimes) stuffed mushrooms, bread stuffing, cranberry relish, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, gravy, pecan pie and pumpkin pie. Pretty 'traditional', I guess. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  3. I was instructed to bring \”a pie, but not apple or pumpkin, because other people are doing those already\”. My aunt wants a third pie? She's getting a third pie. I've decided to go with a pear/red wine/rosemary pie, because THERE MUST BE THIRD PIE.Also, I have never baked a pie before. But at least if I screw it up tomorrow, there will be two other pies. πŸ˜› Happy Thanksgiving!


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