British Pathé

I’m a nerd, so sometimes I go to YouTube, type in “Pathé,” and off I go.

Pathé was a newsreel company–so basically, they would shoot important people or events and those clips would be shown before films would start at the movies. I like British Pathé because the narration is in English and because these films are from the early-to-mid twentieth century, the level of Clipped BBC Heightened RP accent borders on the comical.

One of the actors on The Crown, whose third season I recently finished watching, mentioned that their dialect coach (because nobody talks in the way the royal family does) told them that when they say “yes,” they should try to pronounce it like “ears” with a slow English accent where you don’t move your jaw much.

Anyway, because it’s interesting to see how events were reported back in the day, here are some Pathé reels:

Think about it: the Romanovs were killed in 1918. While there are a lot of portraits and photographs of the family, moving images also exist–pretty cool considering the time period!

The Titanic. On archival footage. 1912. Footage of the Carpathia, the ship that rescued Titanic survivors. Whut?

This last video is related to an event in an episode in The Crown‘s third season. It was the thing that had me googling for about a day after I watched the episode.

2 thoughts on “British Pathé

  1. The Crown should be next on my binge list, after I get a couple more books read. I have never heard of a pathe. That Titanic one is crazy. Not sure why they overlaid Moonlight Sonata, but I’m endlessly intrigued by Titanic stuff. I’m going to look up some Titanic reels now.


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