2019 Reading Challenge Stats

In 2019, I read 23 out of 20 books! And as every year, here are my stats.

First, the last book I finished for this year:

23. Can’t Escape Love (Reluctant Royals #2.6) by Alyssa Cole. Fiction/ Romance/Contemporary/Novella. 3 stars.

Out of 23 books total, 5 were nonfiction.

3 were memoirs, two of them historical memoirs about Russian history.
1 was a sociology political book.
1 was a history true crime book about the Osage Nation in the 1920s.

1 was a poetry book.

The rest were fiction:

1 urban fantasy
3 historical mysteries
3 contemporary romances
3 historical romances
1 middle grade fantasy
1 contemporary/historical dual timeline women’s fiction
1 picture book
1 YA contemporary
1 classic, an often banned book

And because this can be fun or petty…
Books I didn’t finish included 2 books I’d had on my TBR, borrowed from the library, and didn’t like.

Also, one book I do want to finish, but my place in the hold list came up at the beginning of December as I was entering final project time and so, couldn’t read much of it.

There’s also the book I’ve all but stopped reading but may decide to continue reading. I don’t know.

And then there’s Anne of Green Gables, which I got about three chapters into and stopped. Was that this year or last year? Can’t remember.

Kindle ebooks: 17 books
Ebooks read on Axis 360, an ebook app from the library: 2
Paperbacks: 3
Hardcover: 1

Books set in or books about places that are not just the United States or England:
Ayesha At Last is set in a Muslim community in Toronto, Canada.
Before The Rains was set in Rajputana, now Rajasthan, India.
Next Year in Havana is set in, well, Havana, Cuba.
The Nordic Theory of Everything is about the social-political systems of the Scandinavian countries as compared to the United States.
Revolutionary Days and Thirteen Years at the Russian Court were both memoirs about early twentieth-century Russia.

Out of the total 23:

19 books were written by women
4 books were written by men

I read 2 Courtney Milan books this year and 3 Alyssa Cole books this year, making them my most read authors of 2019.

Books that had Latinx or non-white main characters or subjects: 13

Books by authors of color/ethnically marginalized: 13

Books with LGBTQ main characters: 2

2 thoughts on “2019 Reading Challenge Stats

  1. Yay, stats!And another book finished! Looks like I read 20 books by men this year (21 if I get one more book finished) which has to be some kind of record. Only 5 MCs of color and 7 authors of color. I probably can't get those higher unless I do it on purpose. Only 9 ebooks for me, which is another kind of record, at least since ebooks have been around. I also had 2 audiobooks.Were you rereading Anne of Green Gables or reading it for the first time? I didn't read it until like 23 I think, and I did like it, but I was really upset that everyone kept telling her that she needed to grow up and be a responsible adult once she hit like 15 or something. I get it, olden times, but it's still super rude.


  2. 20! Wow. 5 books by men is, I think, my highest, just by virtue of me being a romance reader and so, mainly gravitating toward a genre with a majority of women authors. I was trying to read Anne of Green Gables for the first time. I couldn't get past like the second chapter, I think?


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