Potential Period Drama Fodder: Umeko Tsuda

For at least a few weeks, with some exceptions, I will be blogging about awesome historical figures who would make EXCELLENT subjects for period films or dramas. Their life stories are not the typical type we are used to seeing in the Western world, but let's be honest: we need to see different types of … Continue reading Potential Period Drama Fodder: Umeko Tsuda

5 Random Things I Learned From Historical Romance

This past weekend, I recorded an episode of Fuckbois of Literature, my friend Emily's podcast. It'll be out in about a month. We discussed Courtney Milan's The Countess Conspiracy. I had so much fun doing it (ahem, there may have been a rant or two)Because we read a historical romance book--and since historical romance is … Continue reading 5 Random Things I Learned From Historical Romance

Hey, Whatcha Reading?

This month, I asked my sometime editor, Jess d'Arbonne, to answer the question, Hey, Whatcha Reading?1. What books are you currently reading?I just finished Chuck Wendig’s magnum opus, Wanderers (Del Ray, 2019) and it blew my mind all over my face. Now I’m reading the English translation of Qualityland by Marc-Uwe Kling, which is like Kurt Vonnegut writing George … Continue reading Hey, Whatcha Reading?

As RWA Implodes

Over the holidays and New Year's, I was keeping my eyes peeled on Twitter because on December 23rd, Alyssa Cole tweeted a thread with documents about her friend Courtney Milan and a kerfuffle with the Romance Writers of America.Basically, what happened--as far as anyone knew on December 23rd--was that there had been a complaint lodged … Continue reading As RWA Implodes