Happy 11th Birthday, Blog!


This blog is now in the sixth grade, might have its own phone, and is growing increasingly sassy.

You may have noticed that this site is…a bit different. I switched to WordPress, importing everything, and here I am! I dithered and hemmed and hawed about moving to WordPress for YEARS, but ultimately, after using a free WordPress blog for a class last year, I realized it wasn’t so scary lmao.

Also, I wanted a better supported blogging service and one where I could get rid of the old Feedburner blog feed—which I HATED. It’s also the feed the mailing list uses and I never liked the look of it.

Here’s hoping this new version, with its new feed, will result in prettier emailed blog posts to y’all.

I expect there will be some kinks to work out as I re-design the blog and get used to WordPress. I’m thinking a scroll down menu for the Research stuff, eventually.

Last year, I started a monthly post called Hey, Whatcha Reading? which has been SO FUN to ask people about the books they’re reading.

This year, I started Potential Period Film Fodder, which will be occasional–and always about people who should totally get period films and miniseries made about them because they did cool shit and we need a variety of stories, even in historical times, people!

Thanks for hanging in with me on this blog!



6 thoughts on “Happy 11th Birthday, Blog!

  1. New Blog, who dis?! Happy 11th Birthday, Blog!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    There was a purple background in my email! I’m about to makeover my site as well. I’m in the process of choosing a new layout, and then a header change and new background and whatever else will follow. It took me a few years to get over to WordPress as well, but yeah, once you get used it to, it’s like, “hey, this is nice!” Lol!


    1. Sorry, I lost all my contacts! Who dis? LOL

      Yeah, there was a purple background in the email one that came to me as well. I’m soooo happy to see that the giant “Email This” thing that used to pop up at the bottom of the MailChimp thing from the Feedburner feed is gone.

      Plus, I was confused about the DNS stuff at the beginning and I asked Support a question and they actually responded and were helpful. Shocker!


  2. I’m late… but Happy Birthday Blog! I’m always thinking of making the switch over to WordPress but then never convince myself to do it. But I love your look!


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