Fun Things To Do in Quarantine

I’m not sure how many of you reading this are actually in quarantine or a stay-at-home situation–or if your state has opened up, is testing for COVID, or is agitating to open everything back up again.

But here in New York–specifically Queens, where I live, “the epicenter of the epicenter” as someone called it the other day–we are making masks to wear outdoors, standing on lines outside the grocery store to allow for social distancing, and staying inside as much as possible–except for those who are essential workers, of course, God bless them.

So we’ve taken to making our own fun when you can’t really see your friends.

On the Matter of Theater:

This past Sunday, put together a concert for Stephen Sondheims’ 90th birthday, where so many Broadway performers taped themselves in their homes performing Sondheim songs. Although there were some technical difficulties with the livestream, when it finally came on, the wait was worth it:

The concert is still on YouTube.

Also, the UK’s National Theatre is putting up filmed versions of their productions. Tonight, they’ll be putting up Frankenstein, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, a role he shared with Jonny Lee Miller (they switched who played Frankenstein the monster and who played the doctor every night).


Of course, there’s your cable, your Netflix, your Hulu, your Apple+, Disney+….

Then there are Disney singalongs!


The Los Angeles Times has a list of online and streaming options to learn or keep up with dance.


The Huffington Post had a list of online vendors where you can buy gardening supplies, plants, and seeds.


Author Alisha Rai started Quarantine Cuisine on YouTube, if you want to watch cooking videos.

What else? Writing. Reading. LEGOs. Puzzles. Art projects. Coloring (I colored some pages this weekend–it was very soothing). Cleaning.

Stay safe, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Fun Things To Do in Quarantine

  1. The local opera house has put up some of their children’s operas, but I haven’t been motivated to watch any of them yet. I have to see that Frankenstein though! Benedict Cumberbatch on stage sounds interesting.

    Alisha’s channel trailer is funny. 🙂

    My city is opening up businesses this weekend with plans to have everyone back to work by the end of the month. We’re to continue staying away from each other and should keep gatherings to 10 people or less, which seems like a bit of a contradiction, but whatever.


  2. I was using this time to work on my distance running, until it started raining for approximately a million days in a row. Most people I’ve seen out and about are pretty good about giving each other room. I only had to give one large family the stinkeye when some of them wouldn’t get out of the middle of the road when I ran by.

    Video games are about the only thing keeping me sane right now, specifically Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Something about the combination of using my brain and my hands, plus an interesting enough plot with a huge cast of characters. Reading, TV, and knitting/crocheting just weren’t cutting it. I haven’t even attempted writing, which I’m okay with, because I haven’t decided what to do next, anyway.


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