Of New Technology

Y’all, I recorded my first screencast today using Screencast-O-Matic.

Basically, it’s a video of my PowerPoint presentation for my final project in Digital Preservation class with yours truly having to speak about over it. I’ve done more PowerPoint presentations in library school than pretty much any other time in my life–I have PowerPoint preferences now, guys, it’s a little disturbing when that happens–but I have never done one via screencast.

This is what happens when your school goes online because of COVID.

And because of school going online, I am now proficient at BlackBoard Collaborate Ultra and Google Hangouts and Zoom.

Because of being a podcast guest on Fuckbois of Lit, I learned how to use the Voice Memos on my phone.

What new tech have you all learned to used because of lockdown?

2 thoughts on “Of New Technology

  1. What is this amazing tech gibberish?! ^_^ You know, I didn’t realize I’ve ever even used Zoom until I found the app on my phone a couple of weeks ago and finally remembered (two weeks later) that I used it for a webinar once or ten times. What is Blackboard Collaborate Ultra? That sounds like fun. You’re over there doing all this fancy stuff, and I’m over here wondering if I can make tortellini out of wonton wrappers and cook it same as regular tortellini. Like I tried making it myself out of flour, but I do not have the patience, or the tools, to roll it out thin enough to not feel like a dough rock in my mouth.

    We didn’t have Screencast or any of this stuff when I last had an online class so now I feel like an old lady, except an old lady wouldn’t have to Google how long to cook a potato every single time they wanted a potato.


  2. I know! I’m the person who’s still amazed by Bluetooth stuff, so all of this is very exciting to me.

    Blackboard Collaborative Ultra is just Blackboard, the educational platform, but where you can do live classes so you can talk to and see your classmates. But it dies sometimes, so my class just uses the mic and chat functions.


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