On Deleting Your Self-Published Work

I took Pearl and “When Mary Left” off Amazon and other sellers today. I’d been thinking of taking at least Pearl down for a while. I self-published it in 2015 and while I will always be proud of writing it and self-publishing it, I’m not sure I did the story justice.

Like all of us (I hope), I’ve come along in my understanding and thinking about history and race and power dynamics between characters and there were story aspects in Pearl that had come to lightly bother me. But I wasn’t going to fix it or anything. Once a story is off my desk and my mind in some way, I’m not bothering to futz around with it. Life is too effin’ short for that.

Plus, my writing ability has scooted along and (hopefully) gotten better in the last five years.

The beauty of Do-It-Yourself-Publishing is that you can take your stuff off the Internet when you want to.

6 thoughts on “On Deleting Your Self-Published Work

  1. Once a story is done, I tend to move on as well, but I want to rewrite a few things. Mostly things I wasn’t happy with in the first place, or things I still want to work on for whatever reason. I’m happy I have a copy of Pearl. ^_^


  2. I’ll probably ramble about this on my own blog eventually, but for my first books, the rights have (or should have, I’ll follow up) reverted back to me by this point, and I’m trying to decide exactly what I want to do about that. One option is just leave everything as is and focus on the future, which is tempting, but we’ll see. Sometimes I go back to the early stuff and just CRINGE because it is TERRIBLE and WHY DO I EVEN EXIST RIGHT NOW, but then there’s also stuff that I still really like and don’t want to forget about or completely abandon. But yeah, with the stuff that’s not self-pubbed, there’s another layer or two in there I’d need to work through.


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