Of New Technology

Y'all, I recorded my first screencast today using Screencast-O-Matic. Basically, it's a video of my PowerPoint presentation for my final project in Digital Preservation class with yours truly having to speak about over it. I've done more PowerPoint presentations in library school than pretty much any other time in my life--I have PowerPoint preferences now, … Continue reading Of New Technology

Potential Period Film Fodder: Olaudah Equiano

This next Potential Period Film Fodder appeared as a character in the movie Amazing Grace, which was about the British abolitionist Member of Parliament William Wilberforce. Olaudah Equiano has also been the subject of documentaries and even an animated short film. But he hasn't had a full-length feature film made about him and I think … Continue reading Potential Period Film Fodder: Olaudah Equiano