Guest Posts

Starting in 2015, The Sunflower’s Scribbles will be featuring interviews, posts, and other variations of guest bloggers every so often.

This is so:
1. I can take some blogging burdens off of myself. After 6 years, I’ve realized that one does kind of run out of steam.
2. So I can learn from other writers, authors, agents, editors, super passionate readers, and other creative people… not to mention, engage with them.
3. Perhaps help promote someone.
Note: this is not a big blog by any means, so if you’re strictly hoping for hits to your site or moving copies of your work, then it might not be for you. However, the readers here are loyal and they comment—and your post may bring in more readers and comments anyway.

Each guest post gets promoted on social media, AbsoluteWrite, and within the IWSG group.

If you think you have an idea for a post that might be a good fit for the blog, use the contact form under the About/Contact tab.

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