The (Re)Discovery of the Printed Ongoing Saga

Current NaNo word count: 40,008. (That's 9,992 words until I hit 50K! Yay!)As many of you know, I was a Writing major in college. What this essentially meant was that I spent my college years buried in paper--books, articles, pieces I needed to read for workshop, pieces I needed to revise, the various bits and … Continue reading The (Re)Discovery of the Printed Ongoing Saga

New Adult

I don't usually have a problem identifying the genre of my stories. If it's not blatant fanfic, then what I've written can easily be categorized as romance or historical fiction or chick lit.But for the new NaNo, chick lit didn't seem to fit. I mean yeah, it's about a young woman and her...issues..., but there's … Continue reading New Adult