The (Re)Discovery of the Printed Ongoing Saga

Current NaNo word count: 40,008. (That's 9,992 words until I hit 50K! Yay!)As many of you know, I was a Writing major in college. What this essentially meant was that I spent my college years buried in paper--books, articles, pieces I needed to read for workshop, pieces I needed to revise, the various bits and … Continue reading The (Re)Discovery of the Printed Ongoing Saga

New Hampshire

Haunted Lake, New HampshireAs many of you know, I went away for the weekend because I was a bridesmaid in my old college roommate's wedding. Katie and I met on freshmen move-in day for Emerson College in August 2004 and have been friends ever since. We don't see each other all that often since we … Continue reading New Hampshire


I feel like I invented a new term the other day in an email--"workshop-itis."Defined as: what happens to a budding writer when one is continually in workshop-focused writing classes and one does not react, um, well to such settings.Let me see if I can explain what a writing workshop is like for those who don't … Continue reading Workshop-itis

Advanced Fiction Class

First of all, to call only the second semester of Fiction workshop class "Advanced" is hilarious. I took Advanced Fiction, a workshop class, the second semester of my freshmen year at Emerson College and unlike the rather gold-stars-for-everyone approach of Intro to Fiction, Advanced Fiction was a workout.I still remember my professor, Ms. McLarin, a … Continue reading Advanced Fiction Class