As RWA Implodes

Over the holidays and New Year's, I was keeping my eyes peeled on Twitter because on December 23rd, Alyssa Cole tweeted a thread with documents about her friend Courtney Milan and a kerfuffle with the Romance Writers of America.Basically, what happened--as far as anyone knew on December 23rd--was that there had been a complaint lodged … Continue reading As RWA Implodes

On Social Media

This post is inspired by Krystal Jane Ruin's blog post: Should Anti-Social People Use Facebook?I ended up writing a book in her comments and concluded that I should write my own post.My first social medium was Facebook, which was brand-new and everyone at my college was joining it back in 2004. I've been on it … Continue reading On Social Media

Books To Read When the World is a Dumpster Fire

Hey y'all.It's hot as hell here in New York today. New York has this particularly humid quality during the summer that makes everything sticky.I keep hearing rumors that in some regions of the country, there's this thing called a dry heat. What does that feel like? I've never experienced a summer with dry heat.Anyway. The … Continue reading Books To Read When the World is a Dumpster Fire