Potential Period Film Fodder: Olaudah Equiano

This next Potential Period Film Fodder appeared as a character in the movie Amazing Grace, which was about the British abolitionist Member of Parliament William Wilberforce. Olaudah Equiano has also been the subject of documentaries and even an animated short film. But he hasn't had a full-length feature film made about him and I think … Continue reading Potential Period Film Fodder: Olaudah Equiano

The Reynolds Pamphlet: Part 2

It's 1796. Alexander Hamilton has resigned from his post of Treasury Secretary to return to practicing law in New York City. He is still involved in public life, still writing long essays against Jefferson under pseudonyms, including one where he hinted very broadly about Jefferson and Sally Hemings.Then in 1797, he comes across a pamphlet … Continue reading The Reynolds Pamphlet: Part 2

The Reynolds Pamphlet (Have You Read This?): Part 1

One of my favorite songs in Hamilton comes in the second act. It's called "The Reynolds Pamphlet."Thomas Jefferson sings, "Well, he never gon' be President now."It also happens to be one of my favorite parts of the biography on which the show is based, Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow because it's so ridiculous.Alexander Hamilton was … Continue reading The Reynolds Pamphlet (Have You Read This?): Part 1