Potential Period Drama Fodder: Sophia Duleep Singh

It's England, rainy, misty England. We are at Hampton Court Palace outside of London, one of Henry VIII's favorite palaces--but it is clear that we are well past the Tudor Era. In fact, everyone looks like they're in Edwardian garb. There's a brown-skinned woman standing outside Hampton Court Palace, wearing a large hat, next to … Continue reading Potential Period Drama Fodder: Sophia Duleep Singh

British Pathé

I'm a nerd, so sometimes I go to YouTube, type in "Pathé," and off I go.Pathé was a newsreel company--so basically, they would shoot important people or events and those clips would be shown before films would start at the movies. I like British Pathé because the narration is in English and because these films are … Continue reading British Pathé

Queen Victoria’s Middle Three Kids

Prince Alfred. From the National Portrait Gallery.Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's fourth child was born on August 6, 1844. He was their second son and so, second in line to the throne after his older brother. His parents named him Prince Alfred Ernest Albert. Alfred was known as "Affie" in the family. He wanted to enter … Continue reading Queen Victoria’s Middle Three Kids

The Romanovs Part 6: After Life

There is a truck driving around the woods outside of Yekaterinburg, carrying the sheet-wrapped bodies of eleven brutally murdered victims. The truck is heading toward the Koptyaki woods, where Yurovsky had earlier identified disused mineshafts that might work as a gravesite. But the truck breaks down.Another gang of men wait in the woods for them. … Continue reading The Romanovs Part 6: After Life