Potential Period Film Fodder: Anna of Cleves

The last time I went out---you'll note that this is significant because, ha, my state is under a stay-at-home order and practically everything's closed--I went to see Six the Musical, which imagines Henry VIII's six wives as a girl group, each wife singing a song about her troubles with the King. I went through a … Continue reading Potential Period Film Fodder: Anna of Cleves

Six on Broadway

First of all, Happy International Women’s Day! Tonight, I went to see the new show Six, which transferred recently from Chicago, having played in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe. It tells the stories of Henry VIII's six wives: Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anna of Cleves, Katherine Howard, and Catherine Parr...but guys, … Continue reading Six on Broadway


i just noticed that this blog hit 5,000 pageviews yesterday. Cool!To wit: Remember the last post? About the Story of England by Michael Wood? Well, I came across a link to an article Michael Wood wrote, about Britain's first black community, dating from Elizabeth England.I love the excerpts from the parish register. A real taste … Continue reading 5,000 views

NaNo: Day 9

No names for Mrs. Braddock yet?Anyway. Was catching up on other people's blogs (this after writing over 1,000 words in an hour in an effort to make Day 8's word goal before the clock struck midnight) and read a short blog on how rules didn't apply to the peerage/ aristocracy of England and another on … Continue reading NaNo: Day 9

A free book with a very long title

Well, now that I've survived the massive bomb that was this year's Oscar broadcast...Seriously, King's Speech over Social Network? Why am I even surprised, Academy? You always do this! Just because Harvey Weinstein is an exceptional Oscar campaigner does not mean that you have to vote for his movie! Which, for the record, I enjoyed … Continue reading A free book with a very long title