Potential Period Drama Fodder: Sophia Duleep Singh

It's England, rainy, misty England. We are at Hampton Court Palace outside of London, one of Henry VIII's favorite palaces--but it is clear that we are well past the Tudor Era. In fact, everyone looks like they're in Edwardian garb. There's a brown-skinned woman standing outside Hampton Court Palace, wearing a large hat, next to … Continue reading Potential Period Drama Fodder: Sophia Duleep Singh

Potential Period Drama Fodder: Umeko Tsuda

For at least a few weeks, with some exceptions, I will be blogging about awesome historical figures who would make EXCELLENT subjects for period films or dramas. Their life stories are not the typical type we are used to seeing in the Western world, but let's be honest: we need to see different types of … Continue reading Potential Period Drama Fodder: Umeko Tsuda

Queen Victoria’s Last Three Kids

Prince Arthur William Patrick Albert was born on May 1, 1850, the seventh of Victoria and Albert's large family. He was named after the Duke of Wellington. At age sixteen, Arthur entered the Royal Military College at Woolwich, graduating two years later, and becoming a lieutenant in the Royal Engineers Corps. From there, he moved … Continue reading Queen Victoria’s Last Three Kids

Queen Victoria’s Middle Three Kids

Prince Alfred. From the National Portrait Gallery.Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's fourth child was born on August 6, 1844. He was their second son and so, second in line to the throne after his older brother. His parents named him┬áPrince Alfred Ernest Albert. Alfred was known as "Affie" in the family. He wanted to enter … Continue reading Queen Victoria’s Middle Three Kids