Romanovs Part 4: The Winter of 1917 to 1918

The Romanovs are in Tobolsk, in a remote part of Siberia. They aren't allowed to walk about the town on their own and are usually confined to a fenced-off portion next to the house. They are allowed to venture under guard to church, though.Nicholas II with his five children on the roof of the Tobolsk … Continue reading Romanovs Part 4: The Winter of 1917 to 1918

Romanovs Part 3: House Arrest and Tobolsk

Last time on the Romanovs...Nicholas II, former Tsar of all the Russias, has abdicated and finally arrives home to the Alexander Palace.The Alexander Palace, main home of Nicholas II and his familyBy Alexei Troshin.Nicholas returned home to be placed under house arrest.No longer the tsar, he was addressed as "Colonel Romanov" or"Citizen Romanov."Nicholas II in … Continue reading Romanovs Part 3: House Arrest and Tobolsk

Romanovs Part 2

Part Two of my Romanov-related blog posts!Nicholas II at military headquarters. Courtesy of:Romanov Family1915: Nicholas II is at military headquarters, commanding the Russian army. He's left his wife Alexandra in charge of the governing of the empire. Alexandra hates Nicholas's ministers, appoints her own ministers (at the advice of Rasputin), and the extended Romanov family … Continue reading Romanovs Part 2