What Does That Say?: A Family Tree Odyssey

On Sunday, February 4th, there was an episode of the show Victoria on PBS--Victoria being the show that fills the Downton Abbey and The Crown-filled holes in my need for British costume dramas--which dealt with the Irish Potato Famine.¬†I watched it with extreme interest and a bit of trepidation. Since the show is about the … Continue reading What Does That Say?: A Family Tree Odyssey

Ireland: Best Alcohol Related Tour

The Jameson chandelier!In fairness, my cousin Liz and I only went on two alcohol-related tours on this trip to Ireland, so to proclaim one "the best alcohol related tour" isn't quite right. They were both good--if anyone reading this goes to Ireland, Guinness and Jameson are must-gos.The stereotype is that Irish people like to drink, … Continue reading Ireland: Best Alcohol Related Tour