Two Weeks into 2019

It's exactly two weeks into 2019 and this is what I've been up to:-a sinus infection, yay!-I haven't finished reading a book yet, but I'm 40% into Midnight Riot and 112 pages into Becoming.-My FrankenIdea continues to FrankenIdea away!-I've been watching Marie Kondo's program on Netflix ("spark joy!") as well as Midsomer Murders-The Midsomer Murders … Continue reading Two Weeks into 2019

When Your Worlds Converge: Moulin Rouge!

You know how sometimes you're interested in or are a fan of various seemingly unrelated things? And then somehow, those things converge and it's awesome but kinda weird, too?1) The movie Moulin Rouge! This bizarre, colorful, dramatic musical with famous pop songs, telling the story of a poor English poet named Christian and his love story … Continue reading When Your Worlds Converge: Moulin Rouge!

Word Choices!

I came across this video on my Twitter feed this afternoon: ahead and watch. It's not very long. I'll wait. Yes, it's a press launch/ preview video for Lobby Hero, a Kenneth Lonergan play starring Chris Evans, which opens on Broadway in March. Yes, I'm going to see it. Yes, it feeds my interest in Broadway, … Continue reading Word Choices!