Regency funerals, Cambridge riots, and a travel notice

In more random research...I'm writing one story and researching/thinking about/percolating another story which actually has something like 30K already written but I've had on hold.The one I've actually been writing is The New Bride of Banner's Edge. It's ostensibly a Regency romance, so it should be light and fun and frothy, but because this is … Continue reading Regency funerals, Cambridge riots, and a travel notice


I have hit the 45,000-word mark on this first draft of my as-yet very untitled work.This is significant because I'm estimating that 45K is about the halfway point.Finally.I've finally stopped being a perfectionist on this thing and started a revisions document, so I can note down the things I want to change when I get … Continue reading 45K

It’s Saturday. Have an excerpt.

Hey!After effectively getting some creative juices re-flowing because, after I bitched and moaned about this latest writing project to my best friend, she broke out into song: "Chapter 18/I hate Chapter 18/That's two thousand words/ I gotta delete," I have decided to re-read said Chapter 18 and figure out why I hate it quite so … Continue reading It’s Saturday. Have an excerpt.