As RWA Implodes

Over the holidays and New Year's, I was keeping my eyes peeled on Twitter because on December 23rd, Alyssa Cole tweeted a thread with documents about her friend Courtney Milan and a kerfuffle with the Romance Writers of America.Basically, what happened--as far as anyone knew on December 23rd--was that there had been a complaint lodged … Continue reading As RWA Implodes

It’s #IndieAuthorDay

Today is Indie Author Day!There were events at libraries across the country talking about indie publishing and since I'm so far an indie-published author, I thought I'd talk a bit about independent publishing."Independent from what?" Some ask.When I was studying publishing in college and grad school, independent publishing wasn't even something we talked about and … Continue reading It’s #IndieAuthorDay

Genre, Literary, and Upmarket Fiction

For a while now, I've been aware that I don't write what's known in publishing circles as "genre fiction."Of course, most fiction fits into a genre or at least, a category--they're not necessarily the same thing--but genre fiction, specifically, means that a book is commerical (so, basically, it has a broad appeal) and it fits … Continue reading Genre, Literary, and Upmarket Fiction

An Anthology Announcement: When Publishing Goes Awry

You all might have seen and read some of the posts I've done on here and on my author Facebook page about an impending anthology that I had a short story in.Past tense, yes. Keep reading.This anthology came together late last year and I was super excited about it because I was looking to have … Continue reading An Anthology Announcement: When Publishing Goes Awry