Accurately Titled Novels and a travel notice

First order of business: I came across a really funny writing-related album on the Facebook: Accurately Titled Novels.While giggling in glee at the titles (Especially the one about winning the Booker Prize, but no one's actually read the ending), I came across this one, which I think is related to my general aesthetic:From Writers' HQSo, … Continue reading Accurately Titled Novels and a travel notice


I'm not a big podcast person; this is my preface. I don't even like being read aloud to, so I'm not going to listen to a podcast just to have droning noise on in the background or something. I certainly can't listen to podcasts while writing and listening to them on the subway can be … Continue reading Podcasts

Why So Nitpicky?

Here's a thing I never really understood about fans of books or TV shows...Some of them get extremely nitpicky. Why? I've never really been a participant in a fandom--more of an observer. I read, I'll watch videos, I look at websites and Tumblrs and I'll read fan fiction, but I don't take part in discussions.That's … Continue reading Why So Nitpicky?