End of Part Five (and Draft 4)

Y'all--the writing/revising of draft 4 is finished.To keep it uniform with the other posts related to this draft, here are the numbers:Words: 100, 173Pages: 358Chapters: 55First line of Part 5:Once at home, Miles called the girls to him.Last line (of the entire novel):For this moment, Miles took a lungful of clean country air, nary a … Continue reading End of Part Five (and Draft 4)

End of Part Three

After some crossing out, reshuffling, and changing the ending of part three into the beginning of part four, I am done with part three of my fourth draft of my WIP.Yessss. *fist pump*So, as always, full doc stats first:Full doc:Words: 73,718Pages: 263Part Three stats:Chapters: 23 to 40, so 17 chaptersWords: 33,994Pages: 122First line: When Mr. … Continue reading End of Part Three

My Little Notebook Outline

This week, in addition to joining Goodreads and getting four episodes into Orphan Black (Tatiana Maslany is amazing, playing all those clones) and...oh yeah, turning 23 for the sixth time...I thought I'd give you guys a little peek into the outlining process I'm using for the draft four.I don't need characters sheets. I don't want to … Continue reading My Little Notebook Outline