That Time I Put Pearl on Smashwords at 2:30am

Um, yeah.So this means that I now have three different outlets for my wee novella:-Kindle Direct-Draft2Digital for Nook, Apple, and Kobo-Smashwords for...well, everything else they offer that aren't the aboveHere is Pearl's link on Smashwords.Because I should really be asleep right now.Also, this all began because I was researching whether there were blogs or newsletters … Continue reading That Time I Put Pearl on Smashwords at 2:30am

It’s #IndieAuthorDay

Today is Indie Author Day!There were events at libraries across the country talking about indie publishing and since I'm so far an indie-published author, I thought I'd talk a bit about independent publishing."Independent from what?" Some ask.When I was studying publishing in college and grad school, independent publishing wasn't even something we talked about and … Continue reading It’s #IndieAuthorDay