Snippet Time!

This is a scene from my current mess-in-progess, The New Bride of Banner's Edge.            The Serpentine was a river in Hyde Park. Well, that is, it was called a river, when in reality it was simply an odd-shaped lake. But on a clear, blue-skied afternoon where the May weather was fully a warm enough spring … Continue reading Snippet Time!

It’s Saturday. Have an excerpt.

Hey!After effectively getting some creative juices re-flowing because, after I bitched and moaned about this latest writing project to my best friend, she broke out into song: "Chapter 18/I hate Chapter 18/That's two thousand words/ I gotta delete," I have decided to re-read said Chapter 18 and figure out why I hate it quite so … Continue reading It’s Saturday. Have an excerpt.

Saturday Snippet

It's been a minute since I've posted an excerpt, huh?In which Victoria fulfills her duty as a "daughter" of an English country house by hosting their village's little kids and Ursula tries to figure out her place as a new countess-in-waiting:You can listen to "The Schuyler Sisters" as you read this, by the by.They walked … Continue reading Saturday Snippet