A Year in Blog: 2014

2014 NaNoWriMo Winner's Shirt!2014 was quite an exciting year, writing-wise.I finished draft four of The Keegans of Banner's Edge and began querying it, thereby receiving my first rejection letters. But still, I finished a book, queried it, and the rejections weren't that terrible, so better luck next time!Some of my blogging buddies and I formed … Continue reading A Year in Blog: 2014

A New Idea for the New Idea

I've been mostly lying around these past few days, with this annoying dry cough--it's allergy season, the only time of year my lungs remember that they're technically asthmatic--and I've been reading. And listening to The Script a lot. And watching stuff on YouTube. I've also been thinking about the new story.I've read a few historical … Continue reading A New Idea for the New Idea