I'm sure I've blogged about POV characters before somewhere on this blog, but hey! This thing's been around for ten years, so who even knows anymore?Anyway, my friend Krystal mentioned in her post this week about POVs in a story. And just last week, I was talking about the Outlander books with my friends and … Continue reading POVs

Word Choices!

I came across this video on my Twitter feed this afternoon:http://www.playbill.com/article/who-is-chris-evans-playing-on-broadwayGo ahead and watch. It's not very long. I'll wait.¬†Yes, it's a press launch/ preview video for Lobby Hero, a Kenneth Lonergan play starring Chris Evans, which opens on Broadway in March. Yes, I'm going to see it. Yes, it feeds my interest in Broadway, … Continue reading Word Choices!

Story Beats

It's no secret that I have problems plotting a novel out. I attributed this to being the kind of writer who usually thinks in characters rather than story events.Well, frankly, I'm tired of stalling on my projects/being a slow writer/not getting how to plot/or how to pace out a plot.I mean, it's weird. I recognize … Continue reading Story Beats